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E3’s Problem Resolution/Fiduciary Services exemplify an unmatched track record in the fiduciary and problem resolution/workout arenas. We capitalize on our extensive and direct real estate management experience in order to service a variety of real estate assets, and we have also developed a track record with operating businesses. We thoroughly understand and take fiduciary responsibility seriously, and approach all fiduciary assignments with the utmost transparency and awareness. Our primary problem resolution services include:

Receivership – Real Estate | Receivership – Operating Businesses | Securities & Exchange Commission | Bankruptcy Trustee | Forensic Accounting | Litigation Support | Referee | Provisional Director | Liquidating Agent | Special Master | Liquidating Trustee | Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors | Homeowner’s Association and Condominium Association Management | Business Plan Development | Project Management & Completion

Real Estate


E3’s Real Estate Services exemplify extensive experience in the development, re-development, asset management, property management, and acquisition and disposition arenas. Our professionals possess well-rounded and direct experience in domestic and international markets, distressed and performing real estate, and a wide array of asset classes, from retail to hospitality to multi-family to mixed-use to office. Our primary real estate management services include:

Asset Management | Property Management | General Consulting


With over 100 years of combined experience in both the real estate management and problem resolution arenas, our team has collectively owned, managed and provided receivership services for 250+ assets across the U.S.


E3 provides a variety of real estate management services as well as problem resolution/fiduciary services, including receivership, forensic accounting and litigation support.


Founded on the principles of quality, integrity and proficiency, E3 combines Experienced professionals with an Efficient corporate structure in order to produce the most Effective results for your assets.