About Us

Founded on the principles of quality, integrity and proficiency, E3 combines Experienced professionals with an Efficient corporate structure in order to produce the most Effective results for your assets.

E3 provides a variety of real estate management as well as problem resolution services, including receivership, forensic accounting and litigation support. With over 100 years of combined experience in both the real estate management and problem resolution arenas, our team has collectively owned, managed and provided receivership services for 250+ assets throughout the country.

Among the various challenges posed by the numerous assets managed, our team has notably handled the following issues:

  • Accounts receivable collection
  • Contract disputes
  • Entitlement challenges
  • Environmental issues caused by moisture, refined chemicals, etc.
  • Financial data integrity
  • Franchise disputes
  • Life safety and deferred maintenance
  • Liquor license transfers in various states
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Municipality violations
  • Partnership disputes
  • Tenant/landlord disputes
  • Vendor relationships

We warmly invite you to explore our qualifications and distinct competitive advantage, from our unparalleled work ethic to our varied asset type and broad geographic market experience.

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